Why Bamboo

Why Bamboo

February 17, 2022 2022-07-01 10:24

Ecoboo used more than 35 KM of bamboo during construction


  • It grows rapidly, and in good conditions can be harvested in 3-5 years.In ideal conditions, can grow up to 60 cm in 24 hours
  • Does not need pesticides or fertilizers
  • Rarely needs replanting as after harvest it regrows
  • Produces 30% more oxygen and sequesters 2 times more carbon dioxide than the majority of plants and trees, and it is carbon neutral
  • It plays an important role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Does not need irrigation
  • It is excelent to inhibit soil erosion
  • It grows on a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Its fiber production has less impact than other forms of fiber, specially the synthetic ones
  • It has a 20% higher tensile strengh (force needed to stretch a solid substance) than steel
and... it is aesthetically pleasing.
Japanese Proverb

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.


  • Bamboo is the most important forest product for the communities in Asia and Pacific
  • In the past it was know as the wood of the poor, but it is not anymore
  • Its use as long fiber in the paper industry is well known, and it is one of the raw materials most demanded in tropical regions
  • It has a very wide usage, from construction to transport, fishing and energy industries, edible shoots, handicrafts and many others
  • In construction, gained popularity as people started developing consciousness in sustainable and eco-themed living and commercial spaces
  • Due to its versatility and flexibility, has a wide range of utilization in construction, from the structure to the roof, floor, walls, very diverse ornaments and others
  • As organic material, it is susceptible to the detrimental impact of insects, fungus and fire. As such, needs to be treated on the inside and outside, and when done properly it can last for many years

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