Eco Concept

Eco Concept

March 23, 2021 2023-10-06 9:00


Under our sustainability principles we engaged on many initiatives to be able to achieve this key objective:

  • Aim to be self sufficient on energy generation, using solar power
  • Produce water using a desalination plant and filtration systems
  • Treat waste water and reuse treated water
  • Process organic waste with composter system and use it as fertilizer on the garden and small farm
  • Use a shredder to cut inorganic waste for recycling, reducing space and energy for transportation. This system was offered to the Island for use of the local community
  • Limit to the maximum possible the use of plastic, but prepare for recycling all what is used
  • Maximize the use of bamboo in construction, furniture and operation, and when not possible use wood or coconut fiber
  • Implement energy saving systems, such as LED lamps and automatic switches
  • Acquired bed mattresses produced with more than 60% coconut fiber
  • Use rain water as a source of clean water
  • Produce vegetables, as possible, in our small farm, for hotel use
  • Implement good practices to promote eco initiatives with staff and guests
  • Engage with the local community and schools to promote sustainability initiatives
  • As soon as possible, measure and publish result of our carbon footprint
  • Educational sessions or workshops
  • Learn how to build artifacts with bamboo, wood or other materials
  • Interact with the local community
  • Cleaning the Island
  • Others to be developed
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, Traité élémentaire de chimie (1789)

In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.


  • Tap water is supplied by a reverse osmosis system of desalination, enough for daily needs. This water is completely safe for dental hygiene
  • One of our objectives is to reduce the use of plastic, and as such our drinking water is filtered by specific equipment. It is supplied in reusable bottles and in addition we offer to each guest an Ecoboo portable bottle, that can be refilled in filters available throughout the hotel
  • All waste water is treated with specific equipment and reused in the garden and our small farm
  • We use only biodegradable detergents in our laundry and cleaning services to ensure that the water is not harmful after treatment

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